Friday, November 20, 2009

Easy Strawberry Shortcake

My friend, Nisha, showed my this recipe. It tastes great, looks beautiful, and takes minutes to make. literally.

1 Angel Food Cake (with Round center)
1 Large Package of Frozen Strawberries (16 oz)
1 Large Container of Cool Whip (16 oz)

Put the cake on a pretty serving tray.

Cut the cake in half (save the top) and scoop out the middle portion of the cake (save everything you have scooped out).

Put frozen strawberries in a bowl and add enough sugar to desired sweetness!


Put this into the scooped out area (Saving some to fill the center of the cake).

Put cake top back on.

Fold together:THE The cake you scooped out and about 1 cup of cool whip and remaining strawberries. Fill the center with this. Frost cake with remainder of cool whip.


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